What is your Redesign?

Whatever the canvas, I would love to work with you to create your health & wellness redesign. Your redesign might include finding the answers to the following questions and finding ways to improve your life by doing so.

• What changes do you want to make in your health and wellness?

• What challenges do you face in your health & wellness? Are you tired of diets that don't work?

• What goals do you have in your life that haven't been acheived due to your health limitations?

• Are you putting up with something in your life which is preventing you from optimal health and wellness?

• Do you have a dream that hasn't been fulfilled and once you have achieved "zen" in health & wellness you would then be able to pursue?

Free Tools

In this section you will find tools that will help you discover your potential. These tools are meant to improve your life and help you find success in all you do. Feel free to try them out on your own or use them to add a new level to your coaching sessions.

Wellness Wheel

This measures your level of satisfaction in the areas on the
day you work through this exercise. It is not a picture of how it has been in the past or what the client wants it to be in the future. It is a snapshot taken in the moment and allows us a place to start in the coaching process.

Coming Soon!

Life Purpose Worksheet

Find out why you are alive; why you live your life the way you do. By answering some profound questions about your life, you can better see the path you are embarking upon through the choices you have made. Once you see how your decisions affect your life, you can actively make changes to better yourself.

Download the Life Purpose Worksheet

Coachability Index

Are you teetering on the line of "am I going to hire a coach" or "am I not going to hire a coach"?  This tool will help you in that decision.  Take the test and add up your answers and you will know if you are ready to be coached yet.

Download the Coachability Index


Through her coaching company, Radical Redesigns, Jeanette provides a wonderful forum for the processes of goal setting and attaining.  Helping people recognize their own values and objectives is a gift that Jeanette has put to great use, and she is a valuable resource for anyone looking to make an adjustment to their future.  I look forward to working with her again!

- C. VanKlaveren

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