What is your Redesign?

Whatever the canvas, I would love to work with you to create your health & wellness redesign. Your redesign might include finding the answers to the following questions and finding ways to improve your life by doing so.

• What changes do you want to make in your health and wellness?

• What challenges do you face in your health & wellness? Are you tired of diets that don't work?

• What goals do you have in your life that haven't been acheived due to your health limitations?

• Are you putting up with something in your life which is preventing you from optimal health and wellness?

• Do you have a dream that hasn't been fulfilled and once you have achieved "zen" in health & wellness you would then be able to pursue?


Facts About Jeanette

  • Coach trained and affiliated with Coach University.
  • Member of and Certified with the International Coach Federation.
  • Experienced as an Insurance Broker, Jeanette learned how to be open and up front with people and provide excellent service. After listening for the clients' needs, Jeanette worked with them to plan and implement actions to achieve their goals.
  • Acted as a Director and a Shareholder of an Information Technology business, Jeanette contributes to fostering the financial and business planning and the creation of direction in a growing company.
  • Built two home-based businesses, including building Radical Redesigns from the ground up.
  • Experienced the opportunity of staying at home with her two children for the past five years and learned many things about herself and about raising a family.
  • Friendly, compassionate, people-oriented and able to see the many sides of a situation.
  • Loves working with responsive and reflective people.

More About Me...

  • I have a passion for music and entertainment and it springs from my passion in seeing how others interpret, react, think and create. Music, lyrics, plays, movies and TV all evoke feelings. They may be joyful, compassionate, painful or tragic... like life itself. We grow and learn from all encounters. Our experiences both good and bad can help us appreciate and value ourselves and our lives; help us to expand our horizons.
  • I love people and meeting different personalities and sharing experiences with others. All of the things that I experience in life help me see the potential in people and where they fit in the puzzle of life. My personal journey through childhood was challenging and helped me discover the ability I have to make choices about how I live my own life.
  • Even more than music, TV and movies, I love spending time with my family and friends. My husband and I have two small children and live in a new home in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Both of us have big families, so this makes our family visits lively and full of good conversation.
  • I love my new coaching career and I look forward to a future of learning and sharing.
  • I am here to help you go where you want to go; success can be redesigned by YOU!
Coach U Core Essentials Graduate International Coach Federation Member

"Jeanette Johnston is a talented coach with a warm and caring style. By following her intuition and asking powerful and provocative questions, Jeanette encourages new perspectives and alternatives to unfold naturally and effortlessly. If you are looking for a coach with a unique blend of talent and compassion, Jeanette is the coach for you!"

- Scott Walkinshaw

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