What is your Redesign?

Whatever the canvas, I would love to work with you to create your health & wellness redesign. Your redesign might include finding the answers to the following questions and finding ways to improve your life by doing so.

• What changes do you want to make in your health and wellness?

• What challenges do you face in your health & wellness?  Are you tired of diets that don't work?

• What goals do you have in your life that haven't been acheived due to your health limitations?

• Are you putting up with something in your life which is preventing you from optimal health and wellness?

• Do you have a dream that hasn't been fulfilled and once you have achieved "zen" in health & wellness you would then be able to pursue?

What is Health & Wellness Coaching?

What is your role as a wellness client?


As a client you are coming to me to make some healthy changes in your life; you want to create the ultimate wellness strategy.  It might be a weight challenge that you have, you may be susceptible to certain diseases or acute illnesses or you have a need for more energy and clearer focus.  You would come to coaching with an eye for exploration of your true self and what really motivates you. You will then define how you want your life to look in the future; how you want to feel.  Then with this new and clearly defined knowledge you, with my support, will create goals and set strategies to reach the goal.


What is your redesign?

  • Do you have an emotional connection to food? 
  • Do you need to loose weight to support long-term, healthy living? 
  • Do you need to create an exercise program to support your health?
  • Do you experience a lack of focus or energy in your days? 
  • Do you want to prevent future diseases? 

Any of these or other challenges that you have I can support you in and, together, we discover what your stumbling blocks are and how step around them. Coaching is future-focused.


What is my role as a coach?

As a coach I provide you with a confidential and warm environment in which to express your inner-most thoughts about your health and wellness.  I support you by listening and asking questions to help you discover your health and wellness answers.  I provide tools and exercises to heighten your awareness of your inner-self.  Then, together, we strategize to move you along your chosen path.  I make sure you understand what your strengths are and how we can use them so that you will succeed at your long-fought-for goals . With your permission I share my intuitive observations with you to open up different paths of discovery and finally I celebrate with you as you reach your goals


What do you get out of coaching? What are the benefits?

Wellness Benefits


Ideal Weight


  • Supports you in finding and keeping your healthy weight; this is not just another diet.

New-found Confidence

  • With your new knowledge about yourself and some great wellness wins under your belt you will feel great about facing new challenges.


True Focus & Energy

  • Creates the optimal surroundings for you to thrive in order to walk through your day with the enjoyment and efficiency.


New Attitude about Food & Nutrition

  • using resources at our disposal you will be more educated on how food and nutrition affect your life and how you control and create your own, personalized strategy.


General Benefits


  • Brings foggy or incomplete thoughts into focus


  • Promotes deep-thought in order to learn more about yourself

New Ideas

  • Allows for creativity and your natural thought process to flow and develop


  • Aims to focus on wants-based goals rather than needs-based goals or “shoulds”


  • Allows you to "go where no man has gone before" through introspection and deep conversation.



"I felt very comfortable during the coaching sessions with Jeanette. She asked very thought-provoking questions to get me to delve deeper into the areas that we were working on during the conversations. It was very valuable as it continues to help me grow as an individual."


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