What is your Redesign?

Whatever the canvas, I would love to work with you to create your health & wellness redesign. Your redesign might include finding the answers to the following questions and finding ways to improve your life by doing so.


• What changes do you want to make in your health and wellness?


• What challenges do you face in your health & wellness? Are you tired of diets that don't work?


• What goals do you have in your life that haven't been acheived due to your health limitations?


• Are you putting up with something in your life which is preventing you from optimal health and wellness?


• Do you have a dream that hasn't been fulfilled and once you have achieved "zen" in health & wellness you would then be able to pursue?


I suggest you take some time to visit the following sites. You will find some very useful information on life and success coaching.

International Coach Federation  


International Coach Federation

Coach Inc   Coach Inc
View Jeanette Johnston's profile on LinkedIn   LinkedIn
BizXcel Inc   BizXcel Inc.
BizXcel Inc   Femalepreneurs.com "Ask the Experts" Business Success Club
  New Leaf Wellness

Trust God & Buy Brocolli

by Gerri Helms


Brockville Women's Network - Women Supporting Women


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