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Send Out Cards is an awesome relationship tool that is cost effective and just plain - effective.  It allows you to reach clients, potential clients, peers, loved ones in a unique and personal way that really makes an impact.  It makes the receiver feel awesome!

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People love the cards that I send them.



This is a nutritional system that can support your healthy life.  Let Isagenix provide a great jump start to a whole and healthy life.

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Holistic Health & Wellness Focus

My passion is working with –


  • An individual who is looking to change the way they feel about themselves, their environment and food and their connection to it.

You are a successful individual who wants to move forward into health and wellness with tools, knowledge and perserverance.  Holistic wellness - meaning looking at the "whole" situation or the "whole" body - engages us in looking to mind, body, spirit, community and a host of other factors that affect our life.  You are responsive and reflective and are able to dig deep, think creatively and work hard to achieve your goals and dreams.

You will experience a warm and safe environment in which to explore your challenges and define their strategies. One client shared these thoughts with me.

" Jeanette Johnston is a gifted, compassionate, knowledgable coach who is guiding me through the most profound inner changes of my life. Her insights and questions cause me to examine my reactions to life and situations, and encourage me to stretch beyond my self-impossed cacoon.  I am discovering a whole new, content, empowered, skilled woman. Amazing things are happening to me and in my life as I let Jeanette's words and our conversations bring light to the dark areas of my life. I am so grateful for Jeanette." SW




Programs of interest


CLC Ottawa coming to Brockville - Find Your Voice-

Effective communication is the key to happiness – in your job, your relationship with your family and your friendsl – let’s face it if we can say what we really want – effectively - then we will be so much more satisfied with our lives.

 CLC Ottawa is an organization that helps those who are frightened to speak in public, who want to speak so that others will listen, who want to interact with others more successfully.  They are a group of well-trained and enthusiastic volunteers who walk us through 8 weeks of classes and exercises that will allow us learn techniques and skills that we are missing and take our strengths and capitalize on them. CLC Ottawa is coming to Brockville again!  I am so excited.  \This timeI am signed up to co-lead.  It will bring me another step toward the success that I want to achieve in my business and these new skills will allow me to be a better parent too.  I can’t wait to help others improve their communication skills.

 Come and join me.  Bring your spouse, bring a friend, bring your co-worker… bring ALL your co-workers!  We need 20 people minimum to run this in Brockville so tell everyone you know about it.  Having this in Brockville allows people to participate who wouldn’t travel to Ottawa to take a course like this.  This is a great opportunity for growth and to meet new people!  Contact me for more info. 




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